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Profitable for You. Fast for Your Clients.

Partner Program

Why should you partner with us?

Strong Tower Consulting Group, our independent contractor, PARTNER PROGRAM is perfect for professionals and/or companies in the consulting, service, lending, real estate, legal, and financial service industries. Aside from giving you and your company the ability to leverage our unsecured funding platform to your advantage, while earning BIG commissions! We value speed, transparency, and communication; and we're sure you do too!

Our Partner Program is available in 2 options: Affiliate Partner and Funding Consultant.

Funding Consultant

Funding Consultants work directly with their clients from start to finish, gather application documents, serve as the main point of contact, and are paid a larger commission. Funding Consultants also have access training and back office support. Click the link to learn more about the Funding Consultant Partnership. 

Affiliate Partner

As an Affiliate you simply submit leads and we handle the rest. Each lead is tagged to you or your company and if the deal funds you're paid a referral fee. Submitting leads can be done by your  tagged lead submission form, which we provide you.​ Click the link to learn more about the Affiliate Partner Program.

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